Trump vs Biden 2.0

The overwhelming majority of the approximately 240 million Americans who voted in the 2020 Presidential election will surely experience an uneasy sense of deja Vu and feelings of dread come November 2024. (Pew Research).

Those who will attempt to honor their patriotic duty and participate in the next election cycle will be left with two unenviable choices. A dreaded rematch between an 81 year old incumbent, whose become nothing more than a noticeably confused mantle piece, Joe Biden, and his 78 year old, wannabe autocrat and potential future felon, Donald Trump, has many people seriously considering 3rd party alternatives.

The numbers speak for themselves.

According to a recent ABC News Poll 54 percent of Americans strongly disapprove President Joe Biden, while only 39 percent feel he’s performing his job well.  Donald Trump scores in the low 70 percentile in favorability amongst those in his own party. Overall, Trump is generally unpopular with respondents other then registered GOP voters as the ratings significantly drop to 41 percent. (

Consequently, according to an October 2023 Gallup news poll, support for a 3rd party candidate is up 63% from a similar census in 2003. Even though confidence in the two major political entities have seen a drastic decline over the past decade in a half it appears this upcoming presidential election could be headed to an historical amount of citizens willing to cast their ballot for an Independent.

The science of polling has dramatically regressed over the last decade. In 2016 the overwhelming consensus was Hilary Clinton would soundly defeat Donald Trump, although not by the widest of margins, still comfortably. That immense failure of modern sociological technology was the forebearer of the growing sentiment that polls have become increasingly unreliable.

Both major political parties have considerably regressed for over a quarter century. The Democratic Party, once the standard bearer of civil rights, and champions of the lower class has turned into a listless, rotten shell of it’s former self. Over sixty years has passed since the assassination of John F Kennedy, who for all his personal transgressions, stood as a beacon of hope for so many. It’s also nearly eighty years gone from Franklin Roosevelt, who passed away from a debilitating illness two years into his unprecedented fourth term as president. FDR not only guided the country through the travails and eventual victory in WWII, but also rescued his nation from a crippling depression.

The GOP, once hailed as the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower and depending on who you converse with Ronald Reagen, has been reduced too the MAGA Trump, Qanon, anti-abortion party of chaos.

One feasible x factor who could determine the winner of the 2024 Presidential race is Robert Kennedy JR.

RFK Jr has the famous name and pedigree which is always advantageous for attracting voters attention. Besides just his recognizable DNA, Kennedy’s views on the environment, as well as his anti-corporate stance makes him a favorite amongst many on the far-left. Since his split with the Democratic party in October 2023, Kennedy has also garnered some traction on the far-right due to his anti-vaccine, Covid theories, which is considered radical by many in the mainstream. There is plenty of truth to his beliefs, and his admonishment of Anthony Fauci is certainly warranted when considering the facts. (The

Unfortunately, RFK Jr’s unorthodox approach and policies will damage his electability in the long run, it’s at the very least a breath of fresh air to see a serious politician staying true to their principles. No matter how off-base those principles may be.

Green Party favorite Jill Stein, whom many in the Hiliary Clinton camp blamed for her unexpected defeat in the 2016, could once again throw a wrench into the 2024 election by funneling votes from Joe Biden. In the aforementioned 2016 Presidential election, Stein managed to collect over 1.4 million votes (1.7%). Although seemingly menial, those million votes, especially in the battle ground states of Michigan and Wisconsin, to name a few, had a notable impact on the elections outcome. (info courtesy of

The far left, and personal favorite of mine, Dr. Cornel West, is becoming more of an intriguing candidate by the day. From his semi-weekly appearances on the HBO Talk Show, Bill Maher, to his radical viewpoints on everything from: Medicare for all, Affordable Housing and drastically cutting back on the U.S. military budget. Considered a “non-Marxist” Socialist, his policies line up with just about everything folks, including myself, on the Progressive Left hold dear. (info courtesy of

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are facing not only deep seeded unpopularity but also the threats of Constitutional amendments that could affect their eligibility. In Trump’s case, the 14th Amendment Section 3 verbiage is quite specific that no member of US Congress, Vice President and most certainly President who engaged in or incited an insurrection should be able to hold office.

In President Biden’s case there’s been many rumblings throughout his 3 plus years as President pertaining to his physical and mental capacity. The 25th Amendment Sections 3-4 state that if a President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of the Office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President. (info courtesy of

Age, ability, popularity and more so in Trumps’s case the threat to Democracy is a few of the factors looming over the 2024 Election. Unfortunately, a serious 3rd party contender will not have a shred of a chance of winning, still as time goes on, and the days draw closer, Jill Stein, RFK Jr and Cornel West could very well hijack votes from both parties’ candidates.


There have been so many instances over the past eight years to make Donald Trump; the bigoted, yet in some circles, beloved politician just disappear. In 2018 it was the embarrassingly unsuccessful, and unsubstantiated Robert Mueller Russian election collusion which turned out to be a massively expensive exercise in futility. The first of two attempted impeachments of Donald Trump began on December 18, 2019, when Congress charged Trump with Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Justice. The formal House inquiry alleged that President Trump solicited foreign interference for his 2020 reelection campaign from members of the Ukrainian government. On February 5, 2020, Trump was acquitted on both charges as the US Senate failed the reach the 67-vote threshold to find him guilty. (Info courtesy of

Presently, Donald Trump is facing a litany of legal proceedings, potential criminal trials and two US states, Colorado and Maine, attempting to disqualify Trump from appearing on ballots during the Republican Presidential primary. This unprecedented decision will most certainly be appealed all the way to the US Supreme Court, which has a Conservative majority, as well as three Donald Trump appointees. (USA

The stage is set for the inevitable redux between Trump and Biden. The day this article was finished Ron DeSantis ended his historically putrid Presidential campaign. Nikki Haley is the last hurdle between the gut wrenchingly hideous prospect of Trump versus Biden Part II. Ms Haley after her defeats in the Iowa and New Hampshire is nothing more than an insignificant stepping stone. One ominous sign for Trump and the Republicans prospects regarding the upcoming election was only 108000 registered Iowa Republicans bothered casting their ballots. A miniscule turnout for a state that prides itself on being the first stop in the presidential primary could be a precursor to the general election, and people’s disdain for both candidates. (Info courtesy of

I’ve explored many of the issues and events that has arisen in the buildup to November 2024, both in writing and my podcast. One segment back in the summer of 2023 we pointed out how unpopular both candidates are not just with the general public but those in their own parties.

We made mention of Trump’s criminal woes, and though the article was meant to be hypothetical, many of the possibilities stated have come to pass. So when millions of  Americans take into account the countless flaws, red flags, court appearances and physical well being of these two men, what will be the result? The Same old two party domination even though it’s painfully obvious neither candidate is best for the job.

This could be the end of a nearly 250 year era in this country. In which every four years you’re limited to two choices, no matter how unattractive those choices may be.

Here’s hoping long after the stench of the 2024 election recedes, the US electorate will at long last consider a 3rd, 4th or even 5th party candidate.




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