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There have been many changes to our way of life since the turn of the 20’s. So much optimism for roaring 20’s parties and ambition, which quickly turned into fallen topside down melted ice creams. 2021 is the year officially, where Chocolate went from being a cupboard food, to a fridge food. The years of English people moaning about the overcast crap summers are over, almost in a painful blink of a sweaty eye. Now those groans will be replaced with “It’s so bleedin hot”, who would argue. Ben and Jerry’s can afford to be woke right now, because their share prices are set to rocket up in line with the mercury. Perhaps Andrew Neil is taking a break to partner with Robinsons Jam, no doubt to make a new line of anti-woke Ice Creams featuring the ominous racist symbol of imperialism.

Sunny Uplands

Well at least we won’t have to go abroad any more, because I’d imagine Greece is like the Sahara at this moment. We can start growing our own wine and give them snappy names like “Shat-toe la Pompa-doo” & “Winey McWine Face”. Our main export can be awful tasting wine to desperate French people who have had their harvest destroyed by flood. A not so sweet revenge served either chilled or at room temperature, which I assume to be way too hot by now. I’ve seen the predictions of the shores of England when the Ice caps melt. My hometown is going to be either an Island, a Coastal town or a popular Diving location. Interesting when it’s always been near equal distance to the sea in all directions. 

Hang on a minute

Why is Canada on fire all of a sudden? I always said I couldn’t move there because it was too cold. But it looks like there is no escape even there. It’s hardly surprising though since we managed to set the sea on fire only a couple of weeks ago. I love hearing these climate change ambitions from major governments. These people break manifesto pledges and treaties like we break a sweat. I can’t say “like they” though as we all know Prince Andrew cannot sweat. This “we are going to be carbon neutral by” nonsense whilst actually building ton’s of new incinerators is typical but also totally daft. No bloody wonder the Billionaires want to leave this planet, just before they run it in the ground just a little more.

Fuck You Greta

But how could this happen? Why hasn’t anyone been telling us about this climate stuff? What happened to the Ozone layer and greenhouse gases? We stopped hearing about them so we just assumed they disappeared. Even with the writing on the wall, the nonsense people comment about XR is astounding. “Let us get on with our lives”, “they should live in a field and be quiet about it”, “the great unwashed” etc etc rinse and repeat. Maybe just maybe, when being in the beer garden with a pint is unbearable, people will understand these people are not just having a moan, they are trying to shake you to remind you that, Someone left the Oven on.

Turings Revenge
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Robert DiBlasio
Robert DiBlasio (@robert-diblasio)
4 months ago

Absolutely brilliant friend! Love it, hey if you’re interested maybe you’d like to be a guest on the Gentle Rambler podcast someday? Anyway love the article brother, Solidarity