“Good Lord, what madness rules in brainsick men
When for so slight and frivolous a cause
Such factious emulations shall arise!”

 William Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part 1

We stumbled across the Globe to Australia a couple of days ago when our attention was drawn to a blog over a peer reviewed “Research Paper” that appeared to blame adverse vaccination events upon  discussion of adverse vaccination events???  A novel twist on a snake-oil story we thought…a “factious emulation”if ever I did see one.

This is the blog from an Australian who was having none of it either, Rebekah Barnett aka dystopiandownunder, to whom many thanks for the thumbs up on posing it here. We will be joined a little later by supersally888 with some more eggs to put in this basket

Tony Broomfield

Who is Raymond D Palmer?

Author of paper in Biomedicine journal says post-vaccination adverse events are actually caused by anti-vax misinformation, not vaccines

Rebekah Barnett

Nov 22

A real paper published by a real person in a supposedly serious scientific journal… or is it? Here is proof that you can make a scientific case for literally anything, no matter how myopic or untethered from reality. You can do it under the banner of a peer-reviewed journal, you can do it in the name of science. The Science, even.

Behold, ‘Covid 19 vaccines and the misinterpretation of perceived side effects clarity on the safety of vaccines’, published in the latest quarterly issue of the peer-reviewed journal BioMedicine (Taipei).


  • The paper is in the format of a literature review, in which the author, Raymond D Palmer, mounts the following argument:
  • Anti-vax sentiment is at an all-time high,
  • Reported adverse events after vaccination are also at an all-time high.
  • Mental stress can cause symptoms that mirror post-vaccination adverse events (myocardial ischemia, renal artery constriction, palpitations, tachycardia)
  • A WHO-led study found no causality between post-vaccination cardiac adverse events and the vaccines themselves.
  • Maybe the side effects are actually caused by stress-inducing anti-vax propaganda

Ok so the adverse reactions are happening, but it’s the anti-vaxxers’ fault!

Palmer cites a single WHO-led study in support of this claim that post-vaccination adverse events are not causally linked to the vaccines.1 The authors examined data from VigiBase only, for a one month period between Dec 2020-Jan 2021. They concluded that “the vaccines had been administered predominantly to the aged and people with comorbidities, cohorts who were more likely to experience events similar to adverse reactions anyway, and so it could not be determined whether the adverse symptoms were vaccine-induced or were simply due to age and comorbidities.”

By the authors’ logic, almost all Covid deaths cannot be causally linked to Covid either. The authors did not state that causality could not be proven; they simply stated the obvious, that being that further research needed to be carried out.

Working off the flimsy presumption that the Covid vaccines are not the cause of post-vaccination adverse events – which requires completely ignoring an immense body of literature demonstrating causal links and explicating the mechanisms behind them – Palmer hypothesises that the anti-vaccination movement is causing the majority of side effects…

In other words, if you feel stressed, you’re more prone to a bad reaction. And if you think you’ll have a bad reaction, you’re more likely to have one. There’s some truth to that, for sure. The impact of the fear factor in exacerbating vaccine related adverse events is raised by Forrest Maready in his book The Autism Vaccine. It’s a principle of holistic health that beliefs and mindset influence your experience, and there is plenty of empirical evidence to support this.

I can’t help wondering if Palmer realises that the implication of his argument is that the safety of these products is dependent on the psychological condition of the recipient. In which case, what does that mean for the ‘safe and effective’ narrative?

But anti-vax ‘misinformation’ as the sole source of stress experienced at the time of vaccination? That’s a long bow. I might have thought some of these stressors would get a mention:

  • Coercive vaccination policies
  • Medical censorship
  • Loss of trust in government and public health response
  • Harsh lockdowns
  • Fear campaigns directed by nudge units
  • Separation of family units
  • Constant media coverage of new variants and the threat of Long Covid.

In summary, Palmer’s literature review is myopic to such a degree that I’m astounded it passed peer review.

I seriously question whether this is a legitimate paper at all.

My suspicion was piqued, so I clicked through to Palmer’s PubMed listing. He has published 7 papers in total since 2019, 6 on anti-aging and cardiovascular health, and this most recent one on vaccine related adverse events. Fine, ok.

He is apparently the Chief Science Officer of Full Spectrum Biologics, a P/L based in my hometown of Perth, WA.

This is where it gets weird.


The Full Spectrum Biologics site has the appearance of a sham site. The graphics are tacky, it has only a vague homepage and contact page, and there are no location or contact details.

The contact page has an enquiry submission form that seems to work when it feels like it, and his Twitter account has accrued only 44 followers since 2013. Strange for a Chief Science Officer with 7 published papers.


The site in his bio is another anti-aging site, ScienceOfAging.life, equally tacky but with a few extra pages. The contact submission form works. He appears to be selling a course:

But when you watch the accompanying video, it turns out he is actually soliciting donations for human trials scheduled to begin in 2023. Human trials for what?

Palmer’s LinkedIn profile might give a clue.


mRNA Alchemist? What even is that??

(He has this in his bio on his Facebook page too).

Education-wise, he jumps from web design to real estate, to electrical engineering.

Then a course in astronomy and astrophysics. (Palmer is very into astronomy.)

This is his space photography site and this is a Perth Now feature on his 2009 solo space photography exhibition).

Suddenly in 2019 he starts taking online courses in epigenetics, biochemistry, genetic engineering and the like.

He publishes his first paper in a cardiovascular medicine journal the same year that he starts studying epigenetics, with no prior training in any related field.

He appears to have also been a Chief Science Officer for a company called Helium 3 Biotech from 2017-2021, quite the career move for an electrical engineer with an astronomy post-grad.

This company was also based in Perth, and went into administration in November 2021.

Full Spectrum Biologics was registered in June 2021.


Palmer’s LinkedIn also tells us that he speaks Chinese; he has been a volunteer crew member for Sea Shepherd for the past 15 years; and his top interest is Albert Bourla.

In between running a biotech company, publishing scientific papers, studying genetics and crewing for Sea Shepherd, Palmer found the time to publish a book in 2021.

He also has a Low-Fi anti-aging YouTube Channel

I wanted to find out more about his supposed businesses.

The registrar details of his two websites are both are shielded by a proxy, meaning he has paid extra to hide his details behind a proxy company, so you can’t see his contacts. Both sites are hosted on GoDaddy servers in Singapore.

Something is up with Raymond D Palmer.


[Dangerous Globe Insert] – At this point we begin a follow-up post after Rebekah has spoken directly to Palmer

The strange saga of Raymond D Palmer continues


Click through to the follow up post below for the full conversation.

It involves NIAID and NIH connections, NDAs, Hong Kong investors, and an Egyptian academic previously accused of aiding a suicide bomber. (Truly)



This Substack documents a Twitter thread follow up to my original article on Raymond D Palmer, author of a junk paper published in BioMedicine (Taipei), in which he suggests that vaccine side effects are caused by anti-vax misinformation, not vaccines. If you haven’t read the first post, skip over to it now for context. Since writing the above, I’ve had a lengthy chat with the man of the hour. I’ve also turned up some other eyebrow raising details, thanks to a team effort of collaborative sleuthing. Strap in.


There is one extra detail not included in that post that can’t go without mention.

Palmer has a section for Patents on his Cosmic Art Gallery hobby site. There are many, including an electromagnetic radiation bra and a sleeping accessory to hold your legs together.


Source: Thecosmicartgallery.com/Patents.html


Stunning stuff.

Next, my phone conversation with Ray…

(The numbers refer to Twitter Thread Posts)DG

8/ So far, so strange. Now we get to the good bit. His business is based in Perth, my hometown, so I did a bit more digging til I found a phone number.

Rang him up, left a voice message, and he called back straight away. He was enthusiastic. We talked for 36 minutes

9/ He launched straight into a monologue about being a data-driven scientist.

(He’s an electrical engineer with a few science unit credits. He said electrical engineering gave him an understanding of electron flow and elemental physics.)

10/ I asked for his ‘data-driven’ evidence for the claim that stress from ‘misinformation’ about vaccines produces adverse-event-type symptoms?


“The literature hasn’t been written yet.”

 11/ What about stress caused by lockdowns, coercion, media fear campaigns and social pressure to vaccinate? Why didn’t he mention those stressors?

He said you wouldn’t get an adverse reaction from those stressors because it’s not the same.

12/ He also disputed that vax policies in Australia were coercive, despite the fact that WA (where we both live) is world famous for its extreme coercion.

He likened vax mandates for work to being asked to complete a 1-day safety course.

*For context, THIS is what we were dealing with in WA at the time of the coercion campaign.

Mark McGowan’s most extraordinary new Covid rule for West Australians as he warns restrictions last for YEARS and booster shots will be compulsory.


11/ I asked about his PhD candidacy. What faculty and which university? He said he can’t tell me, he had to sign a bunch of NDAs, it’s top secret.

NDAs. For a PhD.

12/ I asked about his connection with Dr Mauro Vaccarezza, a Curtin lecturer with whom Palmer has collaborated on several papers.

Vaccarezza has ties to NIH and NIAID. Are Vaccarezza & the NIH involved with the human trials he is planning for 2023?

13/ Palmer was vague about Vaccarezza’s involvement (NDAs and all that) but said –

The NIH is funding his 2023 trials.

He will be running them out of the US and he will be in charge of them. He specifically noted that he’ll be in charge of many highly qualified scientists.

14/ What is the tech that he is developing in the trials?

He started with NDAs, but when pressed, he said, “We’re going to try to repair tissues faster than you can damage them.”

“I’m a mad scientist,” he said, continuing to talk in vague buzz phrases.

15 / Then he talked about Longevity Escape Velocity & Aubrey Degray. He wants to treat aging as a disease.

He talked about restoring people age 75 to tissue function of age 50.

16/ I asked about the businesses. Who funded Helium-3 Biotech and why did it go into administration. “Investors from Hong Kong.

Interesting, because his LinkedIn says he speaks Chinese. He says Covid ended the business.”

17/ I asked about the Course Buy page on his site that has no course details or dollar value, tho’ it does have a credit card form.

He said it’s a video course on human aging for $20.

18/ So why are the course details not on the page?

First he said the site only went up last week. Then he said it’s been up a year but he hasn’t had time to develop it or put the course details up.

19/ I noted that his websites are extremely vague. There is a Patreon link. How is he raising money for his HUMAN TRIALS with no information?

Does he have a prospectus? No. (Top secret). He is seeking private investors. Much later in the convo he mentioned NIH funding.

20 / At the 30-minute mark I wasn’t getting anything more than repetition of anti-aging bio-speak so I thanked Ray and ended the conversation.

Some conclusions from this conversation…

  1. He has delusions of grandeur.
  2. He’s either unable to understand mid-level complexity questions or he is playing dumb.
  3. He repeats phrases from his paper and previous convo verbatim. It’s as though he’s speaking off a script.

So far these are the likely options:

  1. He’s an astroturfer, being paid to write bogus research
  2. He’s just plain deluded & is acting under his own steam
  3. He’s a front guy for something much bigger
  4. Elizabeth Holmes / Theranos vibes

So the question I now have is –

Why is a serious scientist like Dr Mauro Vaccarezza (Curtin University, NIAID, NIH experience) publishing papers with Palmer?

There’s another collaborator of interest too…

24/ Prof Magdy Elnashar, also of Curtin University, has collaborated with Vaccarezza and Palmer on a paper.


Elnashar has an unusual history…


25/ Elnashar made news for unwittingly having helped rent a flat to a suicide bomber who was involved in the 2005 London bombing incident.

He was suspected (and then cleared) of having been involved in the plot.

26/ Elnashar is also a biotech guy with a bent on patenting and entrepreneurialism…

Dr Elnashar has effectively reviewed, updated, taught, and coordinated several units including: “Clinical Biochemistry” and “Commercialization of Biotechnology” where he has drawn on his knowledge of science and business, and Intellectual Property Rights. He has successfully collaborated with industry and Curtin’s Business School staff to embed work-integrated-learning into the commercialization unit to build students’ employability and entrepreneurial skills.  As a result, his top students in this unit were granted 38 scholarships worth $5,000 each in 2018-2020 to be trained by experts in the industry. His average student feedback (eVALuate) in all his units was ~98.8% as an effective teacher and ~100% for overall satisfaction rate according to the University Academic Portfolio in sem1 2020 (individual dashboard), compared to 65% for the faculty, and ~82% for the University.

From: https://staffportal.curtin.edu.au/staff/profile/view/magdy-elnashar-999b3788/ accessed 01-12-2022


27/ He worked at the National Research Centre in Egypt.

“Mission: The NRC’s mission is to conduct basic and applied research within the major fields of interest in order to develop products and services sectors.”

Sounds like ‘pay for play’ research.

There is also a Patreon page to collect donations for these trials. There are currently

 0 patrons.




Ray Palmer is an electrical engineer, astronomer and self-proclaimed ‘mRNA alchemist’ who fronts several sham companies selling promises of eternal youth.

He started publishing papers in medical journals the same year he started taking online courses in epigenetics and gene therapy.

Palmer has the aura of a Walter Mitty type sitting at the low end of the Dunning-Kruger scale.

Of far more interest to me are Dr Vaccarezza and Prof Elnashar, both of Curtin University (Perth, Western Australia).

These established academics have collaborated with Palmer on numerous papers. The astonishingly poor quality of Palmer’s solo paper (the subject of this Substack) suggests that the comparatively higher standard of his collaborative papers with Dr Vaccarezza and Prof Elnashar is the result of their work, not his.

I have reached out to Vaccarezza, Elnashar and Curtin University for comment. No response yet. Stay tuned.



Thanks to Isaac of Down The Wombat Hole for bringing this very strange article into my orbit.

1        Cardiovascular Adverse Events Reported from COVID-19 Vaccines: A Study Based on WHO Database, July 2021.

2        I have ordered this book but not yet read it. Summary of the book at  “Lies are Unbekoming”:

The Autism Vaccine Watch now (17 min) | The physicians and nurses who routinely turn a blind eye when parents suggest vaccines have harmed their children are equally complicit. Some fear for their jobs, but most blindly reject any claim of harm from a parent if it involves a vaccine. – Maready…

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Note from Dangerous Globe editor: – Having followed the pieces from Rebekahs investigation we took a look at some of the comments she was receiving and came across another Aussie Substacker (SuperSally888) who had covered much of the same material here. We have removed duplicate images but the general sentiment of this comment stuck a resounding chord with us – and very happy that Sally gave us the go ahead to reprint it (With Rebekahs agreement of course) Thank you both for shining a light in these turgid depths of weirdness

In this piece Sally has attributed some **63 published papers to Raymond D Palmer but a helpful commentator has pointed out that in fact only 7 (The important 7) are ascribed to this R D Palmer but there is another R D Palmer in Cambridgeshire UK who has contributed on the remaining 56 papers and has nothing to do with this subject at all from our perspective.

T Broomfield Ed. 


Super Sally’s Newsletter Nov 23

Astounding Propaganda Piece Just Published in Biomedicine Taipei Shows the Extent of Pseudoscience, One of the Last Straws in the Loss of Scientific Integrity.

Heart attacks, strokes and blood clotting seen around the time of Covid-19 Vaccination are described as being caused by anxiety triggered vasoconstriction in turn caused by antivax messaging.

Written by Raymond D Palmer, Chief Science Officer at Full Spectrum Biologics(1) on 22 November 2021, published in Biomedicine Taipei in September 2022, and shared via NIH, this classic should be downloaded and saved!

It will go singularly as one of the lowest points in “medical science” in history(2)! There is no more science, there is only farce and posturing and blaming the victims (for being anxious and causing their own severe outcomes) and antivaxxer messaging for causing that anxiety!

At superficial face value it could be logical! It blames antivax messaging for causing extreme mental stress and anxiety in vaccine recipients at the time they are injected. It claims that this same anxiety will cause vasoconstriction that will in turn trigger heart attacks, strokes and blood clotting, loss of taste and smell, among others.

It calls heart attacks strokes and blood clotting “perceived side effects”. It proposes the use of anticoagulants and vasodilators prior to vaccination in subjects with a history of heart disease, obesity, poor health, combined with extreme stress or fear of vaccines!

It is not April fools, and this is not a joke! It is published! Apparently in a reputable journal. Biomedicine is open access and peer reviewed.

Raymond D. Palmer, the author, has a list of **(See note above) 7 prior scientific publications where he has been among the authors, mostly focusing on anti-aging. He also has a webpage, liveforever.club to which one has to signup (for free) to access in full, where he describes himself as a longevity researcher, biotech engineer and astronomer. It looks like a great and very interesting page!

Full Spectrum Biologics is an Australian (Western Australian) company which was founded in June 2021, I could not find online information about them, except the below. There is nothing to click except a link to “contact us”.


Isn’t it amazing that humans have survived for so many millennia when they were so susceptible to severe illness and even deaths from an acute sudden fear? Probably similar to the situation now whereby humans are now having sudden cardiac deaths from sleeping in the wrong position, climate change, being too hot, being too cold, exercising too much, or not enough, eating, or not eating, fasting or not fasting, breathing wrongly.

Have humans become so fragile? Has evolution now failed? Just in the past 22 months?

Dizziness and faintness can be caused by anxiety! Panic attacks are real. However, I do find it rather a stretch to believe that loss of taste and smell are anxiety caused by vasoconstriction. Even further, how can the recent deaths of infants and children from heart attacks and strokes and blood clotting post be blamed on anxiety?

Were they mature enough to have heard and understood the antivax message and internalized it enough that it triggered life-threatening fear?

Then there are all those top athletes and even regular folks, who had for the most part uneventfully received other vaccines in their lives, but who died suddenly (SADs cases). Did they suddenly develop extreme anxiety just to the Covid-19 Jabs? An anxiety so severe that the victims didn’t know they had it – until they just dropped dead or died in their sleep!

Anxiety over receipt of a product that has been sold as the saviour of humanity from the scourge of Covid-19? Anxiety so severe they willingly lined up for 2, 3, or sometimes 4 or more doses!

I wonder how a reputable researcher writes something like this article.

I wonder who the peer reviewers were who passed something like this as a serious piece? And then publish it in their journal!

Something is very rotten in the world of science!

How can we ever trust experts ever again!

Never, ever, take anything at face value!

So good we used it twice and still don’t know the artist???? Tony Broomfield DG


  • Full Spectrum Biologics PTY Ltd. (ACN: 650943490) Incorporated 10/6/2021. I found a very minimal webpage, with no details, and only a contact us link, which I assume is the same company!
  • Personal opinion!

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Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

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