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That’s Quite Enough Donald

You may have noticed that there has not been a great deal of “The Donalds” news on The Dangerous Globe recently, as there are far more important “goings-on” to report, than the rantings of a deranged geriatric. That said, we have taken an exception to his recent comments on the US needing more nuclear warheads, so hence a little article on this big subject.

We all know the problem, or the Catch 22, when trying to explain things to idiots and likewise when trying to change a persons mind. An idiot will not understand or comprehend fact, reason or logic and you cannot change a persons mind, if they didn’t have one to begin with. This leads us to pleading with one of Donalds trusted advisers, (but maybe not General Barking Mad Dog), to grab some crayons and draw some pictures, to explain to him that there really REALLY is no need to kickstart another arms race.

The reason China “only” has 260 nuclear warheads, (vs the US at 6800 and Russia at 7000), is because of two very simple and basic facts. The first being that the leaders and general population of China are far more informed and educated than that of the US and Russia and the second, being that 260 well-placed modern nuclear warheads is all you need to destroy the planet and 99.9% of all life on Earth. I very much doubt that any member of Donalds posse or Putins clan could name 260 major cities, but isn’t it is nice to know that these psychopaths have a bomb targeted at you right now.

Side Note: We would also like to point out that the Dangerous Globe will no longer be referring to the POTUS as “President Trump” or the “US President” ever again. In fact, Donald should be thankful that we are not calling him what the wonderful Jonathan Pie (see Tom Walker) does… “a brattish sub-literate bragger, an ill-informed, privileged, self righteous, entitled, mummy’s boy, a hyper-sexual, gurning slug, a bloated, incandescent, lobotomised, sexual predator, a paranoid, supremely unqualified, demagog, a massive, 70 year old cheese puff wotsit with tiny wandering hands, an arrogant, over-sized Oompa Loompa, fuckheaded egomaniac with a skull full of fetid shit“.

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

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