Medical Corruption


It is often true that you cannot immediately see the full picture until you have started the process of finding out what is REALLY going on. In  73 years I have lost count of the times I have heard politicians and  “experts” speak straight to camera and lie through their teeth.

How do we know this? They nearly always get caught, and the truth comes out. “I did not have sex with that woman” said the President of the richest nation on earth. Oh yes you did Billy boy, Oh yes you did, after you had spent months lying to the world.

About 2/3rd of the way through writing this report I came across this piece of information, so I am bringing it to the front, so that you have something to hang the rest of the piece on.

Under US Federal Law, the FDA:- May not give new vaccines or treatments Emergency Use Authorisation/8(EUA) if it can be shown that medication is already available to successfully treat the ailment concerned.

Under the 2017 Federal document linked above, Section B, EUA Medical Products, sub section 1 (Criteria for Issuance) see (d): on page 12

“There must be no adequate, approved and available alternative to the Candidate product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating the disease or condition.

This clause meant that at the time in question, both HCQ and IVM($0.40c) stood right in the path of a rapidly moving $48,000,000,000 Covid Vaccine juggernaut.

If the Dangerous Globe can access this information then the vaccine/drug inventors, manufacturers, and their lawyers, will have been fully aware of this legislation from day one, it would not have come as a sudden revelation to them as it did to me.


Ivermectin – Early History

1987 Merck brought Ivermectin to market and sold it worldwide. There were no reported Safety concerns. So safe was it that billions of doses of Ivermectin were given to Third World nations/1 for a wide variety of diseases and an assortment of parasites. (In 2016 Merck gave 900 billion doses to Africa alone)

Throughout this 40-year period no safety issues were ever raised, in fact the general consensus among all concerned was that Ivermectin was a “Wonder Drug” dealing with so many ailments swiftly and effectively all the while being extremely safe.

Not only that, but it also appeared to work effectively as an antiviral drug too, with many in-vitro (‘test tube’ or laboratory) studies showing how it inhibited the growth of a range of viruses. One study/2 over a 50-year period of IVMs use, is quoted as saying it was “highly effective against micro-organisms including ~ some viruses such as West Nile, Dengue and Zika”

During this time though, the  Merck patent/3 had expired in 1996, allowing numerous drug manufacturers to cash in and produce Ivermectin worldwide, driving cost down to as low as $0.40 cents per dose.


How things seem to work these days

Meanwhile in a parallel universe, the DTRA, {Defense Threat Reduction Agency} a government funded bioweapons agency, had provided Emory University School of Medicine in Georgia with $10 Million between 2013 and 2015 to develop a veterinary drug called Molnupiravir in an effort to contain equine encephalitis, a form of mad cow disease – but this one for mad horses.

Dr Faucis NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) chipped in a modest $19 million toward the same research project.

A small Miami based company, Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, licensed the drug from Emory University in 2020, and subsequently, Ridgeback sold the worldwide rights to Molnupiravir to Merck/4 for an undisclosed sum.

According to Drug pricing experts in London/5, this new “Miracle Drug” costs $17.74 to make and Merck will be charging the US government $712 for the same amount of medicine.

Quoting from the blurb “Molnupiravir is a protease inhibitor” which as far as we can find is a pretty close imitation of the antiviral properties of Ivermectin. Some of its co-developers at Emory University protested its introduction into human Phase I trials citing “alarming safety signals”, one of which was the possibility of birth defects. It is unclear if they were talking about Horses or Humans.


A small personal diversion

It seems to have entered into ‘acceptable practice’ that Bioweapons and the agencies that deal with them are now embedded into the public health arena, as borne out in our piece a few weeks ago/6.

Personally, I have a hard time understanding how a ‘Bioweapon’ could possibly be used in any form of Defensive role. It feels very much like the failed logic of a ‘defensive’ 1000 megaton nuclear bomb. If you use it first, its not a defensive weapon, (and you would need to be a psychopath), and if the other side uses it first it was neither a deterrent nor a defense.

On another note, how is it OK for $29 million of US Government money to be used via a university, (which probably also receives Government funding), to develop a drug for under $20 pass it through a middleman type agency and then sell it back to the same Government that financed the whole deal for 40 x that amount?  (…and how did NIAID, the Watchdog agency run by Dr Fauci – and presumably set up to look after the public interests in this love triangle, manage to let this happen with Zero democratic inputs from the Senate or anywhere else?)


Back on Track

As it got toward the end of 2020 and the promised new vaccines were close to being rolled out.Quite suddenly the French multinational Sanofi, detected “safety concerns” with HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine). Safety concerns that had been lying in wait for 87 years –  since 1934.

“OBJECTION” the writer is supposed to be talking about Ivermectin M’lud”!

“SUSTAINED, the reader will disregard that last paragraph completely”

Me “So sorry Judge, it’s a bit early and I haven’t had enough coffee yet”” 

End-January 2021 Merck signs a manufacturing partnership for COVID vaccine as it moved into final trials.

In a remarkable coincidence, on February 4, 2021, Merck/7 suddenly discovers “a concerning lack of safety data in the majority of studies regarding IVM or Ivermectin.”

As a former Oil Industry HSE QC, it was always drummed into us by major oil companies that, “Health and Safety “Starts at the Top, at the Executive Level and must always be the absolute top priority”. Maybe the pharmaceutical Industry could take a leaf out of the OGP Safety manuals, as should the agency set up to monitor and ensure the safety and health of the people of the United States of America?

The evidence against Ivermectin

May 2020 Stephen Hahn, the last Commissioner of the FDA pointed out that “off-label” prescribing is between a doctor and his/her patient, the FDA has no authority to regulate the practice of medicine. He said it in an Interview with NPR/9.

This was in response to noises being made by the FDA that both HCQ and IVM were not approved drugs for treating Covid 19. Nobody said that they were approved drugs but it isnt necessary for them to be approved for them to be used Off Label, and it isn’t necessary for Doctors to seek permission from the FDA to use them if they felt that lives could be saved

(Off Labelling, or OLDU – Off Label Drug Use), is the use of a medicine to treat a condition that has not been approved by the FDA process at the discretion of the treating physician. A good paper on the subject is here/10 This is just one extract of 10 questions about that subject which we find relevant in the context of this article.

From :-


Stephen Hahn also got hammered by certain people/11 for holding that rather non-controversial view and resigned from the post, as did the HHS (Health and Human Services) secretary Alex Azar, just before the Biden Inauguration.

By the way, the US Food and Drug Administration still has no permanent Commissioner, which is odd in this time of “Pandemic” and the growing market for innovative new drugs.

US agencies like the FDA, EPA and CDC publish guidelines and rules that are often completely accepted by other nations to the point where they do little of no research of their own( The EU is a prime example of this)

Note to self : US standards rely almost exclusively on the data and studies done by the pharmaceutical manufacturers themselves,  and we can trust corporations standing to make $billions in profits to play straight with public safety can we not?


The media storm builds

August 16, 2021, CDC ordered doctors to stop prescribing IVM.

August 17, 2020, the NIAID recommended against Ivermectin’s use to combat the novel coronavirus.

On August 26, 2021, CDC sent out an emergency warning using its Health Alert Network/12. In this alert “The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel has determined that there are currently insufficient data to recommend Ivermectin for treatment of COVID-19”

It then points to a link showing a list of Studies ‘underway/13. A quick glance at this list shows 1 study withdrawn, 1 that hasn’t started recruiting yet, one that is active, and 5 that are recruiting now. Nobody seems to have been in much a hurry to prove Ivermectin was actually safe, and the deaths keep rolling in and the hearses keep rolling out. No hurry boys!!!

We have our own lists and they are at the end of this piece. The CDC statement of the 26th August above is just plain wrong there is plenty of evidence if you care to look.

What possible reasons there can be for such an oversight only you can decide.



Dr Fauci, went on record in a CNN programme/14, August 29, 2021. He was asked for his advice by Jake Tapper, a one time journalist, who claimed,

J.T.       Poison control centres are reporting that their calls are spiking in places like Mississippi and Oklahoma because some Americans are trying to use an anti-parasite Horse Drug called Ivermectin to treat Corona Virus, to prevent contracting Corona Virus, what would you tell someone who is considering taking that drug?

A.F.      “Don’t Do it, there is no evidence whatsoever that works and it could potentially have toxicity that you have just mentioned, with people who have gone to poison control centres because they have taken the drug at a ridiculous dose and wind up getting sick. There is no clinical evidence that indicates this works”

The fire is lit – Headline News.v1

The spike in the calls did not happen and a simple phone call to the appropriate authorities confirmed it. It was originally claimed that Mississippi had a 70% jump in calls by an AP news service, dated 24 August 2021/15,

“At least 70% of recent calls to the Mississippi Poison Control Center have been related to ingestion of livestock or animal formulations of Ivermectin” There are reports that hundreds of such calls are on record but only 4 could be found

The media is full of these meaningless numbers, 70% of what?

Well, let’s try a couple of numbers to see the effect, nice easy ones like 100 recent calls and 1000 recent calls

100 Recent calls          =          70 people, using a Horse cure

1000 Recent calls        =          700 people, using a Horse cure

Using these sort of numbers with an alarming voice and presentation, means that the public will take away from this message a scary story. They will also assume that for it even to be newsworthy there must be a lot of people involved if folks like Fauci are on the box.

Welcome to Fake News at its finest, designed to scare and intimidate by telling half of a story, and a fake story at that, as though it was yet another extension to the continuing “global crisis”.


Headline News Revised v2

In an AP news edition dated 27 August 2021/16  after questions were starting to get asked, the State Health officer altered, sorry, “Updated” the story to say that it was really only a 2% spike in the calls

As it stands now the official story is that, “at least 2% (Not 70%) of recent calls to the Mississippi Poison Control Center are about people taking Ivermectin, with 70% of those calls being about livestock or animal preparations of the anti-parasite medicine that were being purchased at livestock supply centers”,  according to Mississippi Department of Health officials.

This makes quite a difference to the first headline, so let us see how that affects the numbers the public are perceiving.  We are simply using the same starting point we used before:-

100 Recent calls @ 2% = 2 people, of which 70% use a Horse cure = 1.4 People

1000 Recent calls @ 2% = 20 people, of which 70% use a Horse cure = 14 People

For sure it is an easy mistake to make, getting wires crossed on the phone happens all the time, there are no pointy fingers from us on that score.

The problem is that v1 with its 70 people has now become only 1.4 persons, and v2 sees its 700 people now downgraded to 14 people. Either way, in a state with just under 3,000,000 people, whether is 1.4 persons or 14 is not nearly enough to warrant Anthony Fauci lecturing the public with this no-story.

This simple “crossed wire” just multiplied the issue in the mind of the public by a factor of 50, which a old cynic like me considers scaremongering.


Not to be left out in the cold…

The FDA also got in on the act with this highly professional piece of advice…./17

Let me refresh your memory from earlier on in this piece, because the FDA don’t seem to have had any problems doing business with …a veterinary drug called Molnupiravir, developed in an effort to contain equine encephalitis, a form of mad horse disease – only now used for treating Covid Patients

Too late now though, the cat is well out of the bag,  for the news had reached across the pond already, starting with an original US article in the Rolling Stone, and ending up in the UK papers like the Independant, The Daily Mail and the Guardian of all places.

The Rolling Stones Peter Wade /18 kicked off with a piece claiming they had been told of patients with gunshot wounds having to queue outside hospitals because the wards were full of Ivermectin overdose cases, but apparently on further reflection that was not the case. The Rolling Stone Boardroom, and especially Peter Wade should give a long prayer of thanks to the fact that Hunter Thompson is no longer with us, the more is the pity.

The fake story continued to spread far and wide, and as it did so still gathering credence for millions more people, despite the fact that by this time it had been debunked at source The UK Guardian/19 picked up on the Rolling Stone story, and ran with it until mid-September when the story was modified, see the Red Bullet point at the end of the piece, which was added to say the information the article was based on was false, but the headline still stands, as if to make a point.

Almost as if some form of “Lockstep” was operating the Independent/20 dutifully followed the chorus line. I am blowed if I am going to pay good money to subscribe to this rag just to find out there is little or no retraction but judging by the Readers Comments under the piece most of its readers saw through the garbage.

The Daily Mail also climbed aboard, claiming that people had bought up all the stocks of horse de-wormer implying that horses might suffer as a result, but the offending video seems to have disappeared. Ask me how suprised I am. Of course it might still be deep in the annals of the Daily Mail but my dedication to honest journalism doesnt quite stretch to going through that particular portal, if you get my drift.

So there you have it, a dodgy story spread round the globe by a media operating in perfect harmony. The word Lockstep has been mentioned a lot recently, for good reason If you look at page 18 of this document/21 you might get a clue as to why

On September 2, 2021 on MSNBC Tonight, the president of the AMA (American Medical Association), Dr. Gerald Harmon, was interviewed and said that the AMA now advises doctors not to prescribe Ivermectin (other than in clinical trials). “The AMA is taking this unprecedented step because it isn’t “approved” by the FDA for treatment of COVID-19. Doctors who prescribed Ivermectin after early September faced growing scrutiny, censorship, threats to their license and board certification, and other repressive policies from governments and medical boards worldwide. Pharmacists in the US, including the large chains like CVS and Walmart, refused to fill prescriptions.

Ivermectin has been readily available worldwide for decades, both fully approved by the authorities for a range of uses, but not specifically Covid 19. Ivermectin is NOT exclusively an animal product as the FDA know only too well, they licensed it after all, but that didn’t stop them posting this piece if garbage. There is no way that the FDA were ignorant of the large number of studies done regarding the use of Ivermectin in fighting Covid and the simple fact that many doctors were claiming the success of IVM in saving Covid patients all around the world.

The idea that Drugs are either for Human or Animal use is preposterous, almost every antibiotic ever made has uses that cross over between the species, are humans to stop using antibiotics because cows live on a diet of them?

The FDA had not given the go ahead to use IVM for Covid use, “because there wasn’t a properly approved study” it would seem. They also claimed that it was not an Anti Viral remedy.

Both of those claims are patently false. The second one, that IVM was not an Antiviral was debunked by a series of studies namely:-  AhmedArefBabalolaBiberBukhariBuonfrateCalyChowdhuryElalfyEspitia-HernandezKhanMahmudMohanMouryaOkumuşRezk], including 10 RCTs.  When this was pointed out to the FDA they revised their statement slightly in early September this year when they removed the ridiculous claim that Ivermectin is not an antiviral, when it was demonstated that it worked patently well as such.

There seems to be little evidence that the FDA have artually reviewed any of the trials that we mention in this piece, and yet they must be aware of them because quite a lot of people have been pointing them out quite specifically. (At the moment FDA have removed that statement about lack of evidence for some reason)

Attached to this piece is a PDF version of spreadsheet. It is not “all our own work” by a long chalk, but the site that did all the legwork for this is under constant “Fact Checker” attack, and we are not going to make that worse by publishing their name on here. The site is also being updated in Real Time, so it would be false for us to claim that this “particular” chart was from them as it has already been made out of date, besides it is easy enough to find it yourself if you really want to.

It is bizarre that this should happen because the information in that spreadsheet is publicly available. It is just a list of all 193 studies involving Ivermectin over the last few decades, they are not all done in connection with Covid 19. What is to Fact Check? The document has hyperlinks to every one of the studies and in 99% of cases they all show a net positive benefit to the recipient to varying degree. So far we have found +/-6 that were 404’d and of those the Wayback Machine retrieved 3, and a couple of the studies were withdrawn.

Here is a brief summary of the 67 Trials that were in that list specifically for IVM and its interaction with Covid 19.

The Dangerous Globe has a PDF file with every one of the 193 studies and reports that this data was drawn from and its HERE/22 for all to see. It contains every link to every study

Note: For anyone not familiar with calculating RR – Relative Risk factors – I thoroughly recommend watching this very simple and very short video/23 which explains it far better than I.

End Piece

It is now December 9th 2021.

Merck had their “sudden doubts” about the safety of IVM on the 4th February, and from that date onwards there has been a steady stream of Anti IVM propaganda based on falshood and fake news.

That is 286 days ago, and from that very first day of discovery we have seen shelves of IVM  stripped from both Canadian and French drugstores, where it was once readily available for sale without even a prescription.

Stocks of IVM have been stashed away to prevent their subversive administration by “unscrupulous” Doctors who still believe in treating sick patients to the best of their abilities and in accordance with the oath they swore.

Tens of thousands of Doctors worldwide have been pressurised to stop prescribing IVM, starting with warning notices and ending up with threats of losing their positions. (Some actually HAVE lost their jobs).

If the numbers in the chart above are to be believed, and after exhaustive checks, I for one find that they are, we have had 286 days on this planet where people have been dying every hour of every one of those 286 days when there have been stocks of IVM available around the world that could have prevented up to 58% of those deaths.

To be perfectly honest with you I have tried to put a number on those deaths, and I believe I have come close to a realistic figure, but as I get to the final stages of doing so my mind freezes and my eyes mist over in a red rage against the machine that has produced this situation. So no, I am not going to go there, its for someone with a much stronger stomach than mine.

It is not for me to say who is responsible, I have just posted here what I know, backed up with the evidence we have gathered about events up to today. Ultimately, in a Democratic society, it is for the public to decide who they believe to be responsible and kick up enough noise until the politicians or the courts decide to do something about it.


Hold that Page

Just as I was going to post this I came across a very interesting video about Japan, put together by Dr John Campbell in a YouTube video here/24 dated 23 November.

Like several other nations in 2021, Japan was suffering from a massive spike in Covid 19 cases which started in July. By the time mid August had arrived it was almost a vertical climb on the charts. The spike is clearly seen in the top chart,


and it is shown in close up in the second.



By the time the 13th August has arrived the Chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association had seen quite enough, and was not prepared to sit on his hands and do nothing as the chart climbed yet higher. Dr Haruo Ozaki made a statement which is captured on the slide below and which Googlewise translates as …

(This is a Google partial translation, you can get the back story via the You Tube video)

“The situation is that the whole country is suffering from disasters, no one will listen to me so I will come up with a new policy. The anti-parasitic drug ivermectin shows the number of infections and deaths of the new corona in a country that is prophylactically administered for another disease in Africa.

It’s necessary to thoroughly study the clinical trial…….He then goes on to say……But it seems that we are at the stage where it is okay to have the patient give an informed consent and get permission to use it


Dr Ozaki began the Ivermectin treatment on the 13th August. Counting the dots, 2 weeks later the rise peaked and a rapid fall ensued.



The film continues to discuss other possibilities and it is well worth watching to see where they go, but the reality is that in combination with a strong vaccine regime (Japan rated as 76% vaccinated), when Dr Ozaki pushed through to get Ivermectin used from the 13th August, by the 27/28th August the number of cases had started to fall, and by September 12th had dropped from around 185 cases/million at the peak to 60 cases/million, equivalent to late July numbers.


The final slide is a comparison of case numbers between Japan, Canada, US and the UK who seem to lead the way in being the worlds worst managers of Covid 19

























22  IVM-Trials-Main-Database






Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

A free to use, comprehensive and independent search engine which is about to become your favourite.

TheReal.News is a search engine that has had the spin removed. We use sites that we have studied for some time and monitored for integrity and we don’t use sites that we have seen which either spin or lie their way to the front page. Everybody is biased in some way or they aren’t breathing, but Bias and Bollocks are not the same thing.

People that tell the truth are quite easy to find because they cite references and sources to back up what they say. The opposite is also true.

Please spread the word
Tony Broomfield
Co-Founder of the Dangerous Globe and The Real News.
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2 years ago

Been reading much info in the last two years and knew most of this. However there are many whom are completely in the dark and would never put all the pieces together the way you have. Hopefully it will awaken others.

Good work.

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Toni, Toni, Toni.
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Good to know. I’ve been looking for you.