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I’ve always been a realist, when it comes to science, religion and especially when it comes to stories of UFO abductions and ghost encounters. Other than your most obvious conspiracy laden assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK when variations of other tales have been brought to my attention over the years, like the Sandy Hook school shooting was staged, along with the 1969 moon landing, I’ve always politely listened with one ear and let the nonsense quickly exit out the other. Just to show you how far out the collective minds of some in our society have gone, let’s start with the QAnon folk.


PORTLAND, OR – AUGUST 17: A person holds a banner referring to the Qanon conspiracy theory during a alt-right rally on August 17, 2019 in Portland, Oregon. Anti-fascism demonstrators gathered to counter-protest a rally held by far-right, extremist groups. (Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

Their growing popularity and the fact they got one of their own factually challenged people in the House of Representatives, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, goes to show that outlandish silliness is no longer just planted along the fringe of consciousness. Ms. Greene was elected to Congress in the November elections and sworn in as Representative of the 14th District of Georgia on January 3rd, 2021 ( date courtesy of newyorker.com). It makes you wonder what type of loopy individuals live in that district, considering what this woman has actually proclaimed in public before and shortly after gaining her seat in Congress.

Here are some of the actual quotes that have been documented: Space Lasers, controlled by who else but the Jews, started the California wildfires which caused 31 deaths in 2020 alone and hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage, not to mention the devastating effect it’s had on the environment (mercurynews.com). Forget the space lasers, but of course it can’t stop there, as we know the core tenet of these QAnon believers is that Hillary Clinton and a Democratic run Satanic cabal are running a child sex ring out of a pizzeria in downtown DC. Now I’m no fan of the Clintons and the Democratic power machine but pimping out little kids, while matting pizza dough, well lets just say the Russians had enough believable bullshit to kept the pants suit wearing Hillary out of office. Donald Trump who may or may not actually take his cues from Satan, is seen as one of God’s superheroes who was sent to help destroy the “Deep State” seeded monsters in what they say will be a battle between Good and Evil, which they call the Storm. After achieving an ultimate victory for their side, the second part, named the Great Awakening then occurs. That will be when these Democratic-satanic pedophiles will be hauled off in a highly publicized mass arrest and all who remained loyal QAnon members will at last attain a worldwide utopia for all to live and prosper. You got all that? Well I really detest cliches but truth is definitely stranger then fiction, not because any of this wackiness is true but because this isn’t a plot from some supermarket Science-fiction book (info WSJ.com). Qanon has several other borderline psychotic ideas but let’s move on to some more interesting conspiracy theories that have at least a hint of possible truth to them.


As I’ve gotten older and more cynical I’ve naturally become a bit of a stickler for evidence, and maybe even some actual proof when it comes to certain assertations. For instance, Trump is a criminal, Joe Biden is a walking relic and Lee Harvey Oswald, like no other human being in history, could make a bullet take a left hand turn in mid air. All basic facts whether some people may think so or not.

In the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, I like a multitude of other outside the box thinkers couldn’t help going against my new found cynicism, put my Alex Jones aluminum foiled hat on and got to work on who or what was behind this virus that emerged from some meat market in Wuhan, China. It was the name Francis Boyle that jumped at me whilst conducting some research (thanks to usnews.com), now I have my own ideas of why and how this “virus” was released upon the world, but let’s check in on Mr. Boyle’s claim. Firstly, Francis is no lightweight academically speaking, he’s a Harvard trained law professor at Illinois University and has advised Bosnia Herzegovina and the Palestinian Authority among other things throughout his career. Unlike Alex Jones he is not just some moron in a silly hat spouting off outrageous garbage for ratings. He’s also no stranger to sparking conspiracies, like Israeli intelligence was behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the Ebola virus was genetically altered in a lab and the West Nile virus and Lyme disease escaped from a US bio-warfare laboratory. Shows you just where you can end up with an Ivy League degree, but I did fail to mention earlier that the diploma does not include Biology or virology, so he’s not exactly an expert in the field. Moving on to his Covid theory, which he asserts was a man made attempt at a genetic bio-weapon that similar to all the others escape from it’s lab, this time in China. It sure seems the security lapses in these instances have had massive consequences and I hope some people got fired for their incompetence. Naturally, Mr. Boyle’s evidence is purely circumstantial, as there really is a Level 4(which happens to be the highest) Biosecurity lab in the city of Wuhan and that is where this plague originated and as Frankie Boyle claims, escaped from. There are a few more arguments to Covid-19 being a conspiracy so let’s just respond quickly to this one. I don’t believe it, especially since he’s used this whole bio-warfare, horrendous security problem reasoning too many times and it seems every time an epidemic comes up Mr. Boyle uses it for some desperately needed attention.

Another one of the more popular and politicized versions is the Chinese didn’t mistakenly let it out of some laboratory basement but it was purposefully released upon the world but mainly focused on the US to damage the economy and therefore sabotage Donald Trump (apnews.com). The “Kung flu” as the Donald once called it, which was incredibly racist and helped lead to a rash of murderous Asian-American hate crimes, was sent over to the states to screw Trump over and kill half a million civilians in the process. I’m not going to dignify this asinine theory with much paper space because it’s just another story to keep Donald Trump relevant and frankly I’m sick of always having to mention him in my pieces.

Let’s get to the most logically thought provoking theory which I actually came up with amongst conversations with my wife and a few friends around last April. That’s the 5G angle, and there’s some really compelling arguments to be made as to why this could be possible. It all started in a Belgian newspaper on January 22nd, 2020 in a interview with a doctor named Kris Van Kerckhoven (info courtesy of wired.com). At the time of the interview the virus was still, as far as we know, relegated to Wuhan and had only claimed the lives of 9 people and 443 total infections. The journalist performing the interview had pointed out that during 2019 a number of 5G cell towers had been erected in and around metropolitan Wuhan area. Coincidence, well more then likely yes, but Mr. Van Kerckhoven, was the first known person to make the implication that the 5G instillation process and Covid-19 had anything to do with one another.

Born out of this seemingly meaningless interview at the time, to eventually becoming a social media phenomenon, were five main correlations between 5G and coronavirus. One being that whatever waves 5G creates weakens the immune system, therefore making the side effects of coronavirus far more dangerous to the human body. The second being a fairly simple fact that being exposed to 5G flat out causes corona-like symptoms. Here’s the one that originally caught my attention when during a deep discussion I was having with someone that the lockdown was strictly used to safely and effectively install 5G networks all over the world with none of the usual distractions of people, you know, being outside. This one held some sway for me, until my uncle caught the dreaded virus and died 3 short months later. The fourth theory just basically blames it on Bill Gates, whom despite being in the top 5 richest men in the world commonly ends up being blamed for various world catastrophes, well he’s one of the original ultra-capitalists so pardon my lack of sympathy. And finally, the last one being the whole “New World Order” takeover and that the Illuminati who may or may not still exist was behind it too rid the Earth of useless souls in a mass population control attempt. Considering the fact people over the age of 85 were 7,800 times more likely to die from contracting Covid-19 then someone between 18-25 does give that last one some credence (info courtesy of CDC.gov). I actually came up with my own little tit bit especially here in the states, the social security covid-19 sweep, which is what I call it. This may sound a bit outlandish, but hear my out, now according to a retirement based website smartasset.com the the Social Security trust funds is set to go completely broke by 2034. I know a lot of your reactions will be well taxes will be raised and a problem like that will take care of itself. Buy my social-security sweep theory doesn’t sound as ridiculous as did two sentences ago now does it?

When push comes to shove like most conspiracies this one will more than likely prove to be false. And that China has far too many dangerous delicacies, that carry an array of dangerous viruses in their flesh. So many innocent humans have died due mostly to the fact the world is over populated and the amount of poor leadership during the height of the pandemic. It’s difficult to make light of such a tragic situation but when something of this magnitude happens worldwide people can’t help to invent all sorts of alternative possibilities as to who or why it could get so out of control. But once I walked past a bodega and saw corporate logos such as: Gucci, Adidas, Chanel, etc plastered on to these masks meant to save lives it certainly cheapened the seriousness about the whole thing.


Recently there’s been 2 or 3 other conspiracy theories worth mentioning, now 9/11 happened 20 years ago so the amount of documentaries and theorists out there have been beating that one to a pulp for two decades. More than likely Bush and his cohorts may have known that an attack was going to happen somewhere, in some major city or cities and basically ignored the warning signs because a war with Iraq was on Bush and more so, Dick Cheney’s minds, days after they came to power. They were even warned about a likely terrorist attack in an FBI briefing on August 6th 2001 (date courtesy of www.fbi.gov), that actually named Osama Bin Laden, and mentioned missiles and or airplanes could be used as weapons of mass destruction. Well as we know, George W. was permanently out to lunch, both literally and figuratively, so his evil VP and Haliburton honcho may have jumped all over the presidents ignorance and the intelligence communities lack of action. Many believe to this day that in the 21st century no conspiracy theory carries more weight then the 9/11 attacks and disastrous aftermath. Defense companies and their stock brokers made millions but over 7000 US military personnel died not for oil but just plan old cash( info goarmy.com).

Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey and Donald
Jeffrey and Donald

Dick Cheney maybe could have a quick hello when he meets our final conspiracy member when he gets to Dante’s Inferno and that’s Jeffrey Epstein. The Fabulous Mr. Epstein who owned a 76 million dollar townhouse in mid-town Manhattan (numbers courtesy of Forbes.com) had really important, powerful and perverted friends. Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Harvey Weinstein and of course, goddammit, Donald Trump. This story was so salacious and weird we could make at least a 3 part series about this mans life and transgressions, so let’s begin with the crimes. Okay so Jeffrey’s Girlfriend/pimp Ghislane Maxwell would stalk out girls between the ages of 13 and 17 to come to Epstein’s many palaces and even an island he owned just to give him an innocent massage/muscle rub. Sort of illegal, but without any actual sexual assault with that guys money, he’d receive a slap on the wrist. Well, for years this creepiness got stranger and Epstein almost immediately turned predatory. This behavior between Epstein, Maxwell and lord knows what other important figures continued on from the early 90’s to July of 2019 (dates courtesy of TMZ.com) when the FBI at long last took these terrified teenage girls stories seriously and arrested him.

The media was a circus from the day he was admitted to the Manhattan Detention Complex to the day of his now infamous suicide on August 10th 2019 (date courtesy of nytimes.com). This seemed like the ultimate cover-up jailhouse suicide in history, I mean pictures of Prince Andrew basically groping a 16 year old, Bill Clinton a frequent flyer on Jeffrey’s beloved private jet. His friendship with Donald Trump down in Florida, no matter how many lies Trump will tell about their relationship. This one in my opinion is up there with the Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and perhaps even the John Lennon assassination. I’m not saying spending a few weeks in an 8 by 10 cell could drive you to self harm after living in luxury few on this Earth could every come close to achieving. But if he did have a lot of dirt on a lot of important, even beloved figures wouldn’t you think he’d be worth a quick gangster like hit. He was now just on a mission to save himself and avoid dying in prison, so what would have stopped him from singing like a canary about the many salacious things that he witnessed others take part in.

Final Thoughts

The Ridiculousness of Qanon, the downright fiction of most of the Covid-19 theories, the untruth of the false moon landing and the heartless ghouls who came up with the monstrous idea that the Sandy Hook travesty was staged to try and turn the entire country against the NRA, despicable I must say. But when talk about old Jeffrey Epstein and the mass assassinations of the 1960’s we’re more then likely speaking about factual conspiracies. Where the evidence backs up the act and there was motive in these killings, not just over-thinkers letting their imaginations run wild. I for one will never consider myself a conspiracy theorist, but my eyes, ears and mind are always open and you think in the last 50 years or so everything in a elementary school history book is all that’s to it? If you believe that, you’re just as shortsighted as the wackiest conspiracy peddler.

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

A free to use, comprehensive and independent search engine which is about to become your favourite. https://thereal.news

TheReal.News is a search engine that has had the spin removed. We use sites that we have studied for some time and monitored for integrity and we don’t use sites that we have seen which either spin or lie their way to the front page. Everybody is biased in some way or they aren’t breathing, but Bias and Bollocks are not the same thing.

People that tell the truth are quite easy to find because they cite references and sources to back up what they say. The opposite is also true.

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