Short Conversations About Everything That Matters: Volume Two - During The Storm

Book Review: Short Conversations about everything that matters; Volume 2 During the Storm by Luke Andreski, Author and Philosopher.

ISBN 9798762047951

Second book in the series “Short Conversations” by Luke, and a very important book for anyone slightly interested in making sense of Planet Earth 2021.

To begin with, let me explain that we at The Dangerous Globe, came across Luke Andreski over a year ago, during our own search for some enlightenment, and I was immediately stricken by this novel way of problem solving through the Q & A format that Luke uses.

We liked it so much that we asked Luke if we could post his work on our site from time to time and he agreed.

We did, and to date we have put up 17 pieces from him, some parts of which are in this book

The crux of Luke’s method is that by questioning and considering issues from two different points of view the reader is introduced to both sides of an issue in a neutral and non-combative way which encourages us to open ourselves up to the possibility that maybe we don’t know quite as much as we thought.

It certainly has for me. Another benefit, and a stated aim of Luke himself, is to answer these big issues in as few words as possible (Unlike me and my 10,000-word dissertations)

Another Plus point for the Q & A Format is that it breaks down issues into “Bite Sized pieces”, which can be chewed over at your leisure and returned to when you are happy you have swallowed the nutrients and your brain has digested them before moving on to the next mouthful.

In this tasty meal of a book, after each mouthful Luke adds references with links to his sources. In turn those sources, (despite what some of the so-called fact checkers say,) quote their sources in turn forging a solid link in the chain.

In this way you can drill down to the real world and have a reasonable level of confidence that you have come as close as possible to understanding the material and empowering yourself.

Simply put, Luke makes acquiring wisdom a lot easier, and anything that does that is welcome in this time of the very short Internet attention span

Here you can have a conversation about “Our beautiful World” or “The Economy”, alternatively “The Human Brain” and “Ethical Rebellion”. You can defend yourself with a “Shield of Truth” or you can arm yourself with the “Socrates Bomb”, or a handy “Truth Grenade”

It is a very positive book, and a very useful book in a world of fake information and media propaganda, you owe it to yourself and your family to be as equipped for the future as you can be, and this is a very good way of doing it.


Tony Broomfield

Co-Founder/Snr. Editor:  Dangerous Globe

We have no commercial engagement with Luke and no vested interest in writing this review

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Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

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People that tell the truth are quite easy to find because they cite references and sources to back up what they say. The opposite is also true.

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Tony Broomfield
Co-Founder of the Dangerous Globe and The Real News.
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