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Putins Favourite Gallery

Having heard that Putin just loves all the pro-homo images of him floating around in cyberspace (some Photoshopped, some not), we thought that we would round up the best, so there will always be a one-stop online resource just to annoy the twat.

Despite what you may have read in The Daily Mail or on other less reputable websites, these images are not illegal in Russia. The fake news was of course believable given his track record, but our sources (people in Russia), have said that this is just not true. He is far too busy trying to mind-control Donald via the soon to patented, Wifi Toupee Implants. Apparently the Russians have proven the concept and have successfully “remote controlled” humans, primates and even fish, but inside sources say that the main obstacle they have with the Donald, is not the technology, but finding a mind to connect to. (That’s the difference between fake news and creative writing).

We hope you enjoy them and if you have any more, please add a link to the comments section below and we’ll be happy to add them.

Glad Vlad
Glad Vlad






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Tony Broomfield
Tony Broomfield (@tony)
4 years ago

Lord Fuzztone has excelled himself this time.
I have set up a perimeter with radiation detection equipment and infra red sensors around DG HQ and laid in an extra supply of Chintz curtains should we get a surprise visit in the middle of the night.
Mr Putin needs to realise the truth of the old adage, “If you cannot take a joke you shouldn’t have F****ng joined” 🙂