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Psychedelic Beatlemania Is Back

The Dangerous Globe would like to celebrate the successes of 2016 for a change, because we are sick of wallowing in the shite stirred up by the politicians, lobby groups, Think Tanks? (Oxy-Moron alert) and the corporate media this year.
It’s also a very stiff middle finger to the fruit cakes who persist in the belief that the worlds  Scientists are on “some form of agenda” to mislead the public about important issues
The reality is that “In every way, on every day, the science community just keeps getting better and better”
What better way to celebrate 2016 than by spending an hour or so reviewing the results of the NIKON Photomicrography competition, one of life’s more uplifting moments.
The stunning image above is a specially enhanced 100x magnification view of the underside of the foot of a male Diving Beetle, and was taken by Dr Igor Siwanowicz at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Ashburn, Virginia.
The image was made to gain a better understanding of the creature, and it can now be stated, with no fear of contraception, contradiction, that the pads on the feet of the beetle are sophisticated suckers that the male uses to attach himself to the female during sex.
He also attaches himself for quite a while, to Guard his mate from other males and stop his DNA from getting side-lined. This lengthy guard duty obviously left the now tired male a bit peckish, so he took to the bad habit of taking a swift bite out of his partner to top up his energy bank. (Needs to be said here that the Male Diving Beetle isn’t renowned for its instincts of self-preservation)
This post sex deviant behaviour clearly pissed off the Missus and as a result she studied Darwinism for a while and evolved herself a ridged suit of dual purpose body armour, to stop his snacking tendencies and also provide a more difficult surface for his clever feet  to stick to.
There now, isn’t that interesting?
It’s got to beat talking about Brexshit and Trumpshit surely?
I’d like to thank the Volkskrant, a Netherlands newspaper, for delivering this article to my mailbox, I am pretty sure you won’t find it in the Sun.

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Anthony Broomfield
3 years ago

FFwd to 2020 and the First paragraph is now well and truly redundant Whistlehuizen you idiot