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We don’t need no Representation

Last week I wrote a piece called ‘The case against FPTP’ which was a deliberately misleading title, because many people would have, wrongly, assumed, that I was making the case for proportional representation (PR), which I wasn’t. I expected people to be critical of me for not jumping on the PR bandwagon which has been steadily building up a head of steam in left circles. Most critical responses to the
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Why They Dont Like Us Protesting

The Police and Evidence Bill now wending its way through Parliament represents one of the most draconian pieces of legislation introduced by any British government in recent history. Having said that the same was said about the recent Spycops Bill and the Police and Criminal Evidence Act. ‘Most draconian’ it seems is relative. Whilst the stand-out clauses are those which virtually make being Roma illegal and which make demonstrating more
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The Batty Rider

Just to detract from all the doom and gloom we are all currently experiencing, a little bit of comedy from one of our new contributors. (This is a true story :-) Flash Fiction Second Prize - The Batty Rider, by Ann Marcial. The island mini bus was full. The fat woman took up two thirds of the seat. At her stop she heaved herself up. She wore a burnt-orange linen
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The Curious Case of Geert Vanden Bossche

I would like to introduce and welcome Rosemary Frei, MSc. to the pages of the Dangerous Globe. She caught my attention on Social Media at a time when I was also puzzling over the recent video featuring Geert Vanden Bossche. What Rosemary had to say gave a very clear voice to what I was thinking. Something about the whole thing smelled fishy, and while I felt the need to explore
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The bumpy road to freedom

There are two stories that have dominated the news this week. The main news has been totally dominated by the announcement by Boris Johnson that all Covid restrictions would be lifted by June 21st - very handily just in time for Wimbledon the quintessential English sporting event which nobody English ever wins. The other news, of rather less interest to the media is that in what appears to be a
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Not another manifesto?

This post is inspired by the work of Dave Middleton, especially his most recent blog. I offer it as a contribution to the discussion on what we should do now that it is not necessarily the time when all good men (and women) should come to the aid of the (Labour) party. BETRAYAL Labour’s lacklustre performance under Starmer is no cause for delight. It benefits the Tories not the left.
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The spectre haunting the left

In 1844 Marx and Engels wrote “A spectre is haunting Europe...” as the opening line of The Manifesto of the Communist Party. They continued “The spectre is communism”.  If I was to repeat those words today I might say: “A spectre is haunting left politics in Britain. The spectre of the Labour Party.”  It is clear that the Labour Party, like one of the dementors in Harry Potter, suck the oxygen
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We can’t go back

Sorry to have to point this out again but centrists/moderates/grown-ups or whatever they want to call themselves seem a little hard of hearing. Centrists want to return to the third way politics of the Blair era and talk about New Labour’s three successive election victories. They choose to ignore the way the UK political landscape has changed and the effect that has had on Labour’s success. Of course what matters