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Shell Out

Climate crimes have perpetrators; they also have facilitators. For years, Shell has knowingly funded our climate crisis. Now this morally bankrupt company is positioning itself as part of the ‘zero carbon’ solution (while continuing to invest the vast majority of its capital in fossil fuel extraction). It is shameless greenwash. By accepting Shell’s money, complete with 'gagging clause’ not to do or say anything that might embarrass their sponsor, the
This is fine
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Who left the oven on?

There have been many changes to our way of life since the turn of the 20’s. So much optimism for roaring 20’s parties and ambition, which quickly turned into fallen topside down melted ice creams. 2021 is the year officially, where Chocolate went from being a cupboard food, to a fridge food. The years of English people moaning about the overcast crap summers are over, almost in a painful blink
Who do we save Whiteboard
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Who do we not save?

It’s a question that I am sure has been asked many times before. It’s a question that may even be reasonable yet brings instant anger. It’s a question that shows us just how unprepared they were. It’s a question governments and societies have been asking since the beginning of time. The question has no answer on this sorry whiteboard because there is no answer that can be acceptable Those in
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Satire Alert

Heir Apparently So last week, Prince Willy an unemployed benefits claimant from Cambridgeshire, made a statement to the Zombie Nation, that his honest and truthful mother was purely smack talking her baby daddy. Turns out he sent a minion of the Empire Lord Dyson (who I assume is the hoover guy, purely because donations means lordships), to go out on an epic mudslinging mission against the BBC, who we already