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If not now, when?

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabon on Unsplash “If not now, when?” has been asked a lot recently in terms of ending the remaining COVID restrictions. For what it’s worth, although COVID-related hospitalisations and deaths are lower than they’ve been for a while, that is against the backdrop of truly horrific statistics that many of us have become immune to (no pun intended). As I write, almost 50% of the population
Broken umbrella in the wind and rain
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A paper boat in a storm: managing stress in the capitalist workplace

I work for one of the largest Universities in the UK which seems to think that rather than delivering world class teaching and research, its main purposes are to keep its staff on their toes with constant restructuring and to run a budget surplus (I'll come to this later). This restructuring inevitably leads to uncertainty for staff and usually involves recruitment freezes as well as voluntary redundancy measures. Despite often
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Strong Britain; Divided Nation?

Creating division is nothing new in British politics, especially under conservative governments. The public are constantly pitched against each other: immigrants v 'British' people (whatever that means); working v unemployed; young v old; everyone v Muslims and so on. The government's latest focus (with help from cross-party MPs, I should add) - which in itself is nothing new - is dividing white working class people from non-white working class people.
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We can’t go back

Sorry to have to point this out again but centrists/moderates/grown-ups or whatever they want to call themselves seem a little hard of hearing. Centrists want to return to the third way politics of the Blair era and talk about New Labour’s three successive election victories. They choose to ignore the way the UK political landscape has changed and the effect that has had on Labour’s success. Of course what matters