This site is intended as a working platform to support my ideas and those of a diverse group of family, friends and colleagues old and new. I suppose you would call this the Home Page, but its really my Front door.

It’s a focal point that we can use to gather information and opinion and serve as a base for our communications.

It just so happens that it’s public, but be assured we are not trying to sell anything to you, and have no intention of asking you to sign up for a dreary monthly news letter full of nonsense advertising, ( A pet hate see Publicis) for which we will need your credit card number.



My motives for doing this are partly to vent steam, blow out the crap and clear that vented area of my brain for something more positive and constructive.    Ideas for instance.

I seem to have an over active Ideas department, and naturally there is some total crap in amongst it. Hopefully I can sift that out and just leave the nuggets behind.