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There will be periodic bursts of outrage and bad temper, and some contain views that the casual reader finds offensive. There is a little X in the top right hand corner of your screen for just such cases.

We will rely heavily on adding pointers to other material and hope to make this a sort of tree type thing, I suppose they are Links if you like but directly to stuff on this site, not external ones, not Googly type advertising ones, no Free porn or “Win a million” Casino games, no Medications, Blue pills or pump up sex toys, no Hedge funds, no pop-ups and you will not get told you are the Millionth visitor to our site and attend an award ceremony at a trashy hotel (only to find we have an army of people trying to sell you a time share in Iceland as they are cheap this year though just a tad dusty) Link to Facebook …….where you will get ALL of this crap its just a matter of Time)

We are not trying to sell Carbon Credits; we leave that to Enron and Goldman Sachs, just 2 of the many well known pollution pornbrokers. There are lots more out there and as we discover them they will get an airing too….its still early days.

When it comes to having a pop at people we plan to do just that, let’s face it there is enough subject matter all around us, and taking Pot Shots at Oxygen bandits is a favourite sport of mine.